Zhang’s story

       , a day in early 2005, a sophomore at a university in Wuhan, Zhang, surfing the Internet, saw a person in the industry to write the classification information network will rise. Originally on the network business is very interested in Zhang immediately from this article to sniff out opportunities, access to market information, think again, and decided to do a friend Li classified information network, so as not to miss this tour bus Internet wealth.

        downloaded a classified information website source code, registered a domain name, buy space, invested about 3 thousand yuan, this Sally and Mike would make no reply to dry up. Do classification information is afraid of regional space span is too large, the information become an exhaustive, no positioning hodgepodge, but they hold two point is only around the University within 2 km of the information point is only relevant to the student information.

        everything is hard in the beginning, not the popular website ah, so they in Wuhan several large web forums every day to do one or two hours of publicity, so down, less than a week, the site began to have the release of information, in addition, they also produced a number of promotional pages, when Saturday Sunday, put it in the school and the streets. In order to increase the user to their website viscosity, they collected many of the students’ convenience related information, set up the other six or seven campus recruitment forum moderator.

        through a variety of efforts, the site traffic slowly up, about twenty thousand per day on average. In order to get real profits, two people set off the development of information gathering in various campus community and residents (because a lot of service for students and businesses to the Internet vendors do not think to release information, and computer general rate is still very low, a lot of useful information on the spread of the market), and the release of the information of each charge according to the length of time the cost of 1~50 yuan, which can guarantee the credibility of information, to ensure the quality of information for students, more profitable. They collected information on the market, what method is very flexible, electronic products, beauty salons, discount card, student services, lovers of second-hand goods services and so on, and even shoes laundry, bicycle rental information, they can charge a few dollars each. Classes in the morning, afternoon and evening to collect information, bargaining over the market feel quite.

        now, they are classified as information service for students, average monthly income of twenty thousand or thirty thousand yuan. But even better, because more and more influence in the students, Wuhan harbor is also optimistic about their website, both sides exchange resources, mutual cooperation, to expand the classification information website for student strength. Xiao Zhang and Xiao Li "