Stationmaster net broadcast Telecom NetEase WeChat foundation anti Baotuan gradually into the mobile

1 Sina micro channel lock micro-blog users pay social play

since the beginning of the July third party payment license, Sina began to pay in the Sina micro-blog platform staking ".

by the end of this year, we want to be able to pay the effective number of users to do about 5 million sina." July 23rd, in an exclusive interview with this reporter, Sina, deputy general manager of Fu Geng Geng told reporters, because just got to pay the license, the number of users to pay less Sina, is full speed force.

in Sina’s dream of paying, 5 million users is just a beginning, the future, Sina intends to pay the number of users to reach a billion. Sina will become a micro payment bank, on this platform, users can complete the credit card for payment payments, financial investment and other one-stop financial service, and Small and micro businesses through Sina payment can also be done LBS marketing.


2 nearly 60% mobile phone users balance treasure fund gradually into the mobile Internet

after the launch of the balance of treasure unusually hot, let T+0 monetary fund products is well known, this can always redemption products, also let users use mobile phone client funds surged, currently has 6 mobile phone operation with the balance of treasure, a few meters fund use mobile phone operating users accounted for more than 30%. The industry is expected, in the context of a large outbreak of mobile payment, with the balance of treasure demonstration effect, fund transactions will gradually enter the era of mobile internet.


3 Sina micro-blog commercial coerced self-help why difficult

Sina micro-blog is launching a product form of the great leap forward". If this is a self-help action to prevent the decline in activity. So, the problem lies in front of it, the rapid performance of the short term and will once again fall into the vicious cycle of product experience out of control.


Sina recalled nearly two months to change: more access to Taobao’s resources, change the information flow layout, update the client and reconstruct private letter push principle, launched micro-blog flash purchase, or even internal entrepreneurial team development opportunity to promote Sina group social applications.


4 break Apple website hackers secret: Apple advertising service vulnerabilities caused by data leakage

through previous reports, we have learned that Apple Developer Center