Baidu launched micro blog products Baidu say is still in beta

webmaster network September 13th news: according to the Tencent micro-blog users broke the news, Baidu has enabled two level domain name (, launched micro-blog products "Baidu say" is currently in beta.



said it closed home


external access 403 error

it is said that Baidu is currently only for e-mail suffix @ internal staff open, there is no external invitation code. The company staff said the online say number is five digits, the beta will start from the 6 digit, currently can not access the external network. I then enter Baidu said two domain name appeared in the 403 error, confirmed that the outside world has not yet been open.

according to micro-blog released before the screenshot, Baidu said the interface with Sina and micro-blog is quite similar to Baidu, concise and distinctive features of the new. Baidu will be defined as the real name social platform". On the function, and Sina, Tencent is different from the addition of the address book, which is consistent with the definition of real name social. The micro-blog word limit is also 140 words, micro-blog input box above the slogan: "here you say, your mood, your story, to listen to friends."

At present,

, Sina, Tencent, NetEase, Sohu and other household door has launched its own micro-blog, micro-blog open platform for all parties have resorted to their killer competition. Baidu as the largest search entrance, recently launched an open platform, micro-blog is already in the market reached the anticipated. Baidu has a huge user base with its search portal advantage, if combined with micro-blog products and open platform, will give micro-blog a huge impact and change. Baidu said it could become a successful product after Baidu post bar, a place in the battle of micro-blog, is not clear, it is worth looking forward to. (text / Yang Yang)