Two major network advertising alliance Google AdSense alliance with Baidu

in the network, advertising has been omnipresent thing, as long as the Internet users, they will meet every kind of advertising, Internet advertising has become the most common site will flow into the mode of value. Therefore, there is the so-called "network advertising alliance".

online advertising alliance also called alliance marketing, refers to a small collection of online media resources (Union members, such as small and medium-sized websites, personal websites, WAP site etc.) coalition, the alliance platform to help advertisers achieve advertising, and advertising monitoring data statistics. Advertisers (advertising vendors) in accordance with the actual effect of online advertising to affiliate members (advertising sites) to pay advertising costs. Simply put, the network advertising alliance is the main site and the need to advertise the intermediary between the manufacturers.

look, there are many global advertising, it is one of the mainstream of the world within the scope of advertising alliance, Google AdSense, and Chinese within the scope of advertising alliance – Baidu alliance, which received wide attention is very high. Here we will focus on the two advertising alliance in detail.

Online advertising alliance

– Worldwide: Google AdSense

Google AdSense is a huge advertising alliance, which supports a variety of languages, and the promotion of advertising on a global scale, as shown in Figure:


of any serious construction site of the people, as long as the content of the website does not violate the general requirements of Google, no matter how many visits the site, no matter how big the size of the site, can join the Google AdSense system, Google will provide the advertisement placed on their website, with traffic to earn income. Google AdSense to join the site is very simple, as shown in Figure:


a lot of large portal site to join the Google AdSense advertising. There are a lot of friends and colleagues every day to visit each other’s blog system to join Google AdSense, as shown in figure.


on the current situation, in Chinese mode, Google AdSense is common in the pay per click advertising, that is to say only a visitor clicks on an ad, in order to produce cost, simple display advertising is generally not return.

Google AdSense click on the average revenue per dollar in the calculation. According to the advertisement content, put the bidding fierce degree, advertising click gains are high and low. When high, each click may produce >