Sunk cost of website promotion operation

used to write "sunk in venture investment cost", mainly for several life examples to illustrate the concept of sunk costs, in the network promotion operations, there are also many similar costs will fall with the increase of sinking, sinking, website development will gradually in many ways, how to choose? This is a question.

For example,

in the choice of some promotion methods, in the promotion before, must have expectations of the effect of the promotion, but after a period of promotion, did not achieve the desired effect, then we must consider: to continue to increase efforts to promote, or take other ways? If you continue to increase efforts, when reaching a certain intensity, the effect may be a qualitative change, if you give up, then the previous promotion is basically wasted, how to choose?

For example,

on a web site for a certain degree of investment, found that this project is in a dilemma: continue to invest, will do website, may also put a lot of energy, also cannot become a successful site. However, without additional investment, the former investment boondoggle.

For example, in

search engine optimization, changes can also be used to image a sunk cost Keywords: as a month of work, take the N method for optimization of a keyword, the keyword ranked in the more than and 10 place, this time, the effect of the key words is not obvious, but there have been as a result, continue to do so, do before three, may need to spend enormous time and energy, and if you just keep this ranking, before work is half wasted.

an example is: when the tiger Valley competition to last month, when the tiger Valley ChangZheng Railway Station was a search engine down, this time how to do? I believe we have seen the answer: continuous update, change strategy, get new!

many times we can take some methods as far as possible to reduce the sunk cost, or sank in less time to do a strategic retreat, duhugu some time ago to do a mall, with the free program, the initial promotion, for a month to try as soon as the retreat, why? Because we have done a comprehensive analysis of all aspects of the use of six months, one year of the expected data were compared, feel the retreat is the best choice.