How to rationally layout the content of enterprise marketing website

the content of a web site for the entire site is life, is the soul. Look at the corporate website, in addition to the product introduction, the outside is almost no other, so the enterprise website is obviously very empty, no adhesion. A corporate website can not be too direct selling their own products, but should be the rational use of enterprise website platform, customers stand in the position to think what customers want, and effectively solve the problem of users. So how to achieve this? Live network according to the number of customers experience the conclusion is "reasonable layout of enterprise website content". Use the web site to help customers solve problems, dispel customer concerns, so that customers agree with your products and quality, identify with your business strength. After the old forum once issued a related article, entitled: how to solve the problems caused by the customer price also mentioned, with the website content to communicate with customers. The following five points are summarized by the author on how to layout the content of enterprise website experience.

1) content keyword

keyword is the user in the use of search engines to find information when entering the search box in the text. In order to let the user through the search engine query can reach your website, then you have to think of ways to make your business web site in the search engine results ranking in front, the front must click to enter your web site more. So how to improve this ranking one of the important factors is the proportion of the content of the keyword". If the website article content with a far cry from the nature of your business, it is a search engine can bring the user to you, the user is invalid, they may not be converted into real effective customer of your. For example, if your business is the production of "tea", then the best sites all around the "tea" to carry out the content more closely, then the search engine input tea two words, your website ranking is certainly more forward. Of course, the best is the original content.


page keyword density: keyword density (Keyword Density) refers to a page, keyword (keyword) or key field (keyphrase) for all the pages of text in the proportion of the index for search engine optimization plays a key role. To improve the ranking position in the search engine, you can not be too high in the web site keyword density, not too low, generally 1% to 7% more appropriate. Do not put all the key words or key fields piled together, or search engine will be a malicious act (Spam), directly reduce the ranking of your site.

2) website content title

search engine according to the user’s habits, they hope to be able to directly hit the search target, such as "what is the weather network", "why is their network" similar words, then a reasonable layout of website content in this area should consider the urgent needs of the users, or take tea for example, such as "what >