Share Baidu know the focus of marketing

we all know, Baidu is known as Baidu’s second only to Baidu Encyclopedia of another big weight weapon, it turns out, in the middle of the Baidu search and the difficulty of the following words, there will always be a trace of Baidu know. For example, we try to search the word "alcohol" in Baidu, Baidu know was greeted:


Baidu search alcohol, Baidu know the results impressively in the eyes.


Baidu search where to play well, ranked first in the Baidu know.

you might ask, why is the medium difficulty and the following words, difficult words will not go? Well, yes Oh, we try to search in Baidu "news", "the two words of life", see Baidu presented to our results.


Baidu search news results


Baidu search life results

how, did not find any trace of a Baidu know it?

so, SEO is really amazing, in the course of study, you will find it fun, especially on Baidu products, it is interesting, because Baidu as a search engine, the SEO can be said to understand, is used in the extreme, also, for this we have no results surprisingly, then, this is exactly why, don’t worry, please listen to the author then interpret for you.

reason mainly lies in: user experience.


user experience has become a top priority SEO


user experience can be said to be the trend of the future of the SEO, can be said that if a website user experience is poor, such as open speed slow, advertising everywhere, a mess, the content and theme of the site is not relevant, even if the site ranked in the Baidu home page, it will not be long, this is because each user came in and found can’t find what you want, but also always endless pop, the first reaction is closed, this will cause the website jump out rate of 100%, only a dead end.


browser to stop the super pop, I You


believe that here, you will ask: does Baidu know the users do not experience no?. Not bad, but very good, I also like Baidu know, in particular, like to know in the search for a variety of problems, just say, Baidu know want to