2013 the latest trends in network marketing

network has become a platform for enterprises to carry out marketing essential, early enterprises to develop Internet marketing early dug the first pot of gold, and now, more and more enterprises into the network marketing trend, increasingly fierce competition. With the endless variety of network marketing model, so that enterprises in the face of opportunities, but also faces more challenges. Enterprises want to stand out from the crowd, to seize the initiative is critical. So, the enterprise how to seize the opportunities? The answer is to have a clear understanding of the latest trends in the current network marketing network marketing focus Albert! Deep in the in-depth analysis on the current market, summarizes the latest network marketing seven trends 2013 to know the

search engine rankings will determine the fate of the enterprise

in recent years, the search engine has become the main tool for users to obtain information, as of the end of 2012, China’s search engine, the number of users reached 451 million, compared to the end of 2011, an increase of 43 million 700 thousand people, the annual growth rate reached 10.7%, the penetration of Internet users was 80%.

is reported that in 2012 the first search engine usage over the network music, becoming the first major Internet users. Especially in the shopping search engine, play a crucial role in the process of the user selected from many stores and buy the commodity. In other words, if the enterprise can layout search engine, so that their web site is all search engines included, the order will be continuously.

micro marketing big effect

is reported that in 2013 WeChat users have exceeded 300 million, the industry is expected by the end of this year, WeChat’s users may exceed 500 million by the end of. At present, there are a lot of companies with sensitive sense of smell to this huge figure, and put into WeChat marketing, has achieved very good results. Whenever and wherever, enterprises can push the product information to the user, allowing users to see the first time and generate interest. WeChat high rate, high precision, high convenience features, will be more enterprises to promote.

network marketing model – the whole network marketing, the global


smart phone industry is booming, some experts predict that in 2013 the global smart phone shipments will reach 937 million, an increase of 723 million compared to 2012, an increase of 30%. With the popularity of smart phones, a variety of mobile ports have become the new battlefield". There are more and more diversified marketing methods and more and more channel entrance, there are some enterprises through some of these models to win more market share. In fact, in order to achieve greater success, any one of the effective marketing methods should be tried; any one of the channels of the existence of consumers, should not miss. The whole network marketing era is coming, the terminal port of all, all the channel entrance, and even build a variety of small language online marketing platform, customers in various countries will catch, and through the optimization of the.