Baidu boiling 2015 hot search list released the most attention of the parade

today, Baidu officially released the 2015 annual Baidu boiling hot search list, the Baidu 600 million users last year, with the final list of search behavior "vote" out of the run-off, visually presented 2015 netizens attention.


list shows that 2015 year, Internet users are most concerned about the event is a big parade, the biggest TV show is spend thousands of bone, and the network variety show "wonderful" influence to "every day", "The Voice of China" TV show PK, which is the first in the country. In addition to the traditional list of the most concerned about the outside world, some of the more able to present the annual characteristics of the list: such as hot search O2O services, hot Search Mobile Games, hot search mobile phone applications, users have become a hot topic of discussion.


netizens attention more diverse, more international perspective

search as one of the most frequent users of Internet services, but also the most direct response to the concerns of Internet users. Overall, in 2015 China’s Internet users show a more diversified, international characteristics. Although this year a lot of speculation that the saliva incident continues, but the majority of Internet users did not let the entertainment news and Internet hype took all the eyeballs, the political economy in the field of big events attracted more attention of Internet users.

in 2015 ten major events, TOP3 are: the big parade, the Tianjin bombings, open two-child policy. In addition, the devaluation of the RMB, apple conference, found another earth, Japan 8.5 earthquake and other global events are accounted for nearly half of the Top10 quota.

this diversity reflected in the list of the top ten hot spots more obvious. With the 2014 ten hot characters is star monopoly is different this year, in addition to Bi Fujian, Jing Chai, Venus and other host, and the Reds and the sports star Wang Sicong, Zhang Zetian, Ye Liangchen, Ning Zetao and Ma network, known as "chicken master" is compared to last year, ranking ahead of two.


mobile terminal influence increased, O2O penetration deeper

this year as the first full year of mobile search traffic over PC, the search for mobile characteristics of users is also more prominent in this year’s performance.

first, you can see in the fun list, users early, middle and late three typical time points of the search also shows the characteristics of the moving scene. Such as weather, calendar, express a single number so the debris search needs, can be seen from Baidu index, the keyword search users, mobile users is much higher than the proportion of PC users. And in 2015 the top 10 hand travel compared with 2014, the update rate reached more than half, which shows that the rapid development of the hand travel industry, but also shows that behind the growth of mobile user groups.

secondly, O2O services as one of the emerging mobile terminal emerging services, but also in the past year