Alibaba how China’s electricity supplier companies coexist with Reuters

lead: Reuters published today entitled "Ma and Coexistence: Alibaba under the shadow of life" (Surviving Chairman Ma: Life in the shadow of China’s Alibaba) the article said that the dominant position in the electricity supplier market Alibaba group Chinese squeezing the living space of the hands of a lot of competition. In this case, Suning and Jingdong and other companies are using their own advantages to try to occupy a place in this market.

below is the full text of the article:

in California, Palo Artaud a small research laboratory, China largest home appliance retailers are learning how to participate in the competition of the internet. Shenzhen listed Su Ningyun is trying to take advantage of the spirit of Silicon Valley to meet the inevitable challenge: China’s booming electricity supplier market and Alibaba group competition and success.

Ma Yun, chairman of the Alibaba group in Hangzhou headquarters recently said: if you want to enter the online market, and consider competing with Tmall and Taobao, then this is a mistake. On the contrary, you should find out the shortcomings of the Alibaba group and make up for it."

According to

consulting firm Euromonitor, the Tmall group, Alibaba currently controls half of the country China online retail sales, and similar to the eBay Taobao in market share Chinese C2C online sales of about 80%. Alibaba group is also preparing IPO (initial public offering), the valuation is likely to exceed $100 billion. As a contrast, China’s second largest electricity supplier company Jingdong market share of nearly 13%. Suning Appliance sales started in China’s online retail market share is only slightly higher than 3%.

but although Alibaba group’s position is very strong, but the huge potential of Chinese online market can not be ignored, and attracted similar Suning, Jingdong, and WAL-MART (80.68, 0.25, 0.31%) of its 1 store and Amazon (381.37, 4.73,1.26%), etc..

Bain & research data show that this year, China’s online retail industry’s total sales is expected to reach 1 trillion and 700 billion yuan, more than the United States to become the world’s largest online retail market Co. The company expects that by 2015, China’s online retail sales will grow by 32% per year, the speed of the United States to achieve the rate of two times. Analysts also expect that by 2015, online retail will account for 31 trillion and 500 billion of China’s total retail market of more than RMB 9%. By 2028, this proportion will rise to 1/4.

Suning CEO and chairman Zhang Jindong, said: we do not believe that the electricity supplier industry in China, the market will be led by a Alibaba group company. The Chinese market is very broad, with a huge population base."

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