ndependent PO dream shattered Pass the easy media to Alibaba

[Abstract] this transaction is Alibaba group’s holdings of easy media, but can not disclose the specific amount."


media’s founder and CEO, Yan Fang Jun

Tencent technology Lei Jianping reported on January 12th

following good advertising, MediaV poly effect have been sold, and a media advertising platform independent listed dream shattered. Tencent science and technology exclusively learned that Alibaba group has recently invested heavily holdings easy media, the two sides have completed the transaction.

according to a person involved in the transaction core sources, easy media in the Alibaba before the merger with BAT three in the talk, easy media and each has a great combination of points, but ultimately chose to move closer to the media group Alibaba.

said the above, the transaction is the Alibaba group of easy Media Holdings, but I can not disclose the specific amount."

easy media in 2007 founded in the United States in Silicon Valley, then won the first round of $10 million investment. July 2010, easy media to complete its second round of $30 million financing, in the same year in November completed a $40 million round of financing.

easy media has submitted to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in February 2012 IPO (initial public offering) application documents, plans to raise up to $100 million of funds.

prospectus at that time, easy media 2009 net income of $10 million 790 thousand in 2010 was $27 million 270 thousand in 2011 was $50 million 670 thousand, nearly three CAGR of 117%.

due to poor capital market environment, the media eventually withdrew to the NASDAQ listing application. Since then, the media did not give up easily listed, but also consider listing in Hongkong.

easy media CEO Yan Fang Jun in micro-blog said, "the meeting in Hongkong to look for the Hongkong stock market for listed companies is becoming more and more attractive China. Even for TMT, more and more consider the Hongkong market."

, however, the media or missed the best time to market. In the meantime, easy media counterparts were incorporated, such as aegis group has acquired Heerim interactive, Cosmos WorldCom, public goods interactive. WPP acquisition of digital marketing company im2.0 interactive marketing.

in the market, the most obvious example is that in May 2014, Huayi Schwab 670 million acquisition of good online advertising agency business, in January 360, holding MediaV poly effect. Easy media has become the market has not been a few examples of mergers and acquisitions.

why good advertising, MediaV poly effect, easy media have bondage? The logic behind this is that the Tencent, Alibaba, Baidu’s online advertising technology has layout, small start-up companies and the big three.