Adsense network broadcast mogujie com beautiful said WeChat will consolidate the consolidation of in

introduction: the last day of 2015, media reports said and beauty will be merged, this year is really a lot of cases, but also to merge the end? Here, Xiaobian I wish you a happy New Year!

1 WeChat public platform to rectify the film and television works of intellectual property violations account will be disabled or title of  

A5 ( station network December 31st news, yesterday, WeChat announced that the public platform, permission part of public accounts without authorization or unauthorized release, spread others enjoy the legitimate rights and interests of the film and television works, for such violations, the illegal account to disable or suspension of punishment.

WeChat public platform on the rectification of violations of intellectual property rights of film and television announcement

recently, WeChat public platform found that some public numbers without authorization or permission, unauthorized release, dissemination of the legitimate rights and interests of others to enjoy the film and television works. Such acts alleged infringement of copyright and other legitimate rights and interests of others, WeChat public platform which has been firmly opposed and the attitude to fight.

2 takeaway O2O this year, four key words: financing, distribution, extension, stand in  


is becoming more and more mature in the takeaway O2O, the development path of these enterprises seeking financing, development and distribution, and strive to extend, but more and more to keep step with chasing stand and consistent behind, in fact, has revealed a weakness for takeaway O2O to explore new mode.

a year ago, I summed up the 2014 takeaway O2O, using six key words – new outlet, a new model, price war, mergers and acquisitions, violence, 28 thousand tickets.

these six words can be seen at the time of delivery O2O "new" and "live", after a lapse of a year in spring and autumn, the field territory gradually clear, once disputes the world kingdoms, some change policy, and some strong soldiers and sturdy horses, some have disappeared.

3.2015 China Internet inventory: integration of mergers and acquisitions and privatization return  

for China’s Internet industry, 2015 is destined to be an extraordinary year. This year, from the beginning of the merger of the merger, the United States mission to review the merger, and then to the end of Ctrip holding where, the boss of the industry and the second story continues to merge.

in the last few days of December 2015, the market has lost support after the news, comment, hungry finally turned to the Alibaba. Informed sources confirmed to the science and technology of Tencent, Alibaba has been hungry for $1 billion 250 million investment intentions, accounting for 27.7%.

in the field of online meal ordering potential officially formed a situation of tripartite confrontation, are hungry, U.S., Baidu takeaway. Online meal ordering market has entered into a BAT world – Hungry backed by Ali, the United States mission.