Network marketing has

actually said is a good understanding of the problem, and because of the difference between the physical and psychological, so there are different forms of shopping time, cite a simple example, my mom and Dad had a fairly obvious differences, dad to buy things is quite a goal the goal and ran to go, are in a very short time, do not love to bargain, but mom is different, she seems to enjoy the process, the bargain Oh, is actually so to do network marketing, and we need a better grasp, before we can make our products better sales.

for the present form, can be said that online shopping, more prosperous, more people into the ranks of network marketing, can be said to study the psychological customers is a university asked, can be said that since ancient times began the gender division of labor is different, men are mainly responsible for the formation of hunting, so it seems their shopping habits, love always lock the target, then quickly attack, while women are responsible for the collection, is walking, it appeared to most of the girls love shopping, carefully selected, after bargaining, will put their favorite items to buy home.

first talk about girls:

1, zhigenzhidi, enjoy the process, can be said that if women do not have to meet, said she got what she wanted, if you can understand the price of goods, quality can also give the girls a sense of satisfaction, see beautiful clothes, jewelry, ornaments, she even if they also return empty handed. Be cheerful, do so for the network marketing, to seize this point, good marketing about it, if your target audience is women, then find a great artist and designer, make the customer happy will make you the sales, try to take you the goods get rich, girls tend not to buy things go well, don’t be afraid to take your "look like a Christmas tree". Of course, in the basis of not influencing the web page load time on with a lot of pictures, as far as possible the Association recommend products come out, don’t be afraid they don’t appreciate, ha ha.

2, this girl carefully, there is consensus, so you try to show some delicate commodity, to a full range of pictures around, every detail of the position and so on, a variety of colors of the details of the plan, of course, the description of the goods can not be rough Austria, for your target customers group – women are delicate, the pursuit of perfect love, they usually better than ten, even, for online shopping, will be more than 100 goods, so I used the details of your competitors over it.

3, the price to attract people, girls more like comparison, the same thing, who bought the cheapest, and they often can not resist the temptation of low prices. If you have attractive price concessions, promotions, and even gifts, the better,

4, from the sense of "captured" them, often a female friend to the warmth of love lovely goods, they have love >