Talk about the domain name

a lot of Web site owners are very concerned about the domain name is good or bad, a sound comparison of the domain name, are often valuable. The problem is that it is worth spending so much money to buy a domain name what kind of domain name is a good domain name


first, from the domain name classification to analyze the domain name is good or bad:

peak serious analysis of the major web site domain name in the country can be divided into the following categories,

1, Chinese first spell: Universal navigation network (

2, Chinese spelling: Baidu (

3, Chinese spelling + English: peak network (; (

4, English + Chinese spelling: G Health Network (

5, English + Digital: Adsense network (

6, English + Chinese first spell: Adsense station (

7, pure English: Zhonghua (

8, pure digital: 265 Internet navigation (

9, letters and numbers:


10, the letter of the comprehensive: Sina (

from the above domain name classification, each classification has a successful website, we can not determine the type of site, the domain name is the best.

second, analysis of several popular online domain name judgment method

1, short domain name is a good domain name

peak network is not the case, take the universal navigation network (, the domain name and (Xinhua) to compare. You will be very clear: Universal navigation domain name is 5, Xinhua is the domain name is 9. If you judge in accordance with the length of the "universal navigation network," the domain name than the "Xinhua" to be short, so universal navigation domain name is more valuable than the "Xinhua" domain name. The fact is that the influence of Xinhua far more than the universal navigation network influence.

2, easy to remember domain name is a good domain name

peak network for this argument is clearly not agree with. Sounds good, it can be said, but careful analysis can not find any basis. For example: "" and "" (two) to compare the website, their way of memory can be used to express the formula:


network ( ={peak (dingfe>