E commerce market funds running mode innovation decides success or failure

today’s Internet market, far different from ten years ago that was called "the pioneer period" era, it only by virtue of personal power as a NetEase or Tencent to create brilliant, now seems to be very slim possibility. Now, there are venture capital looking for all they think "promising", between the Internet venture competition has not only to entrepreneurs of technology and creative competition, it is more like a variety of venture capital funds to support the financial strength of the competition, this situation not only exist in the Internet in various fields of entrepreneurial projects, also exist in the e-commerce market competition.

A review of the

e-commerce market development process, from the early to the subsequent Taobao dangdang.com, Jingdong to the mall, now everywhere advertising spread Eslite, dream bazaar, behind every successful business website are surging with venture capital support and chase, for example Taobao behind Softbank Sun Zhengyi early to firmly support now the dangdang.com is developing to New York listing quanqian, VANCL, dream bazaar success is cannot do without a huge investment risk investment to support its huge advertising expenses etc.. All these, let us see the surging and running out of the current e-commerce market behind capital.

however, in the "capital is king" era, the capital will undoubtedly push up the competition threshold, millions of small owners in this mode competition can only hope helplessly gold". As for the large electricity supplier website is not bad money, this "gold spell" mode is moreish, once after obtaining high venture capital, will inevitably fall into the rapid expansion of the development path, to seize the market and users, only by means of capital impetus to rivals Jikua, can look forward to the subsequent return. Once cannot quickly seize the market, not the competitors pull dead beat, it is likely to lead to investment boondoggle, the results for both commercial enterprises or venture capital, it is difficult to bear. Therefore, with the development of the funds for the expansion of the crazy way to become the current venture capital enterprises to obtain the inevitable development options.

for those sitting on a huge amount of venture capital of large business enterprise, success and failure is only a step away. Today seems to be unlimited expansion behind, in fact, at any time the risk of sudden death. This is due to the competition in the e-commerce market, the use of funds to expand the market is the first step to seize the market, but not the key to the success of the core. With a saying: "grab the user, not grab people."

from the highly competitive market is to seize the occupy market share, but also can keep the user’s heart, is a problem placed in front of the business enterprise. The ultimate solution to this problem is to solve the problem according to the needs of users, to find the existence of the market in the blank point and force point, innovative e-commerce model. In this regard, there are already a lot of successful cases, for example, in the face of Taobao, Dangdang this kind of comprehensive characteristics of the commodity