Ten years time Facebook rooting and development in ndia

Abstract: the first reaction to social software in China is WeChat, but in India, the Facebook family has become the boss of the social market.


‘s first reaction to social software in China is WeChat, but in India, Facebook has become the boss of the social market. In May 2006, Facebook first entered the India market, to the college students. In the next ten years to usher in the development of demographic dividend blowout India has become the most important international market Facebook.

according to The Statistics Portal data show that as of May this year, the number of Facebook users in India exceeded 191 million 300 thousand users in the United States, becoming the largest user market in Facebook.

in India, the slow speed, low penetration of the network, smart phone is still a luxury country, Facebook to more than half of the market share has won the hearts of social networking users love India.

public welfare and profitability does not conflict

started Facebook years of social work has been carried out in a perfect product. From a global point of view, the timeline, poke it, live, networking, electricity supplier transactions, applications and other functions have been on-line.

but for different markets, Facebook also made adjustments to the localization function of products, in June this year, Facebook launched the "anti Dutch act" in the India market, through social data discovery and help users who are at risk, to prevent their self injurious behavior.

(WHO) has reported that India is one of the highest rates of suicide among young people in the world, but the discussion of depression and mental health in India is still taboo.

in the anti Dutch act function, Facebook will be done on the Dutch act labeled 24 hours monitoring posts and send the user pop depressed or suicidal, let the user choose to communicate with friends or call the hotline for self-help advice. And the introduction of multi language version (including Hindi, Bengali, Kannada and Tamil) "friends help guide", let more people know how to help the emotional problems of friends.

in order to better adapt to the India market, Facebook also launched a simplified application called Facebook Lite, the installation package is small and can operate in a low speed environment. In 2015, Facebook began to work with UC, India users can receive notifications in the browser Facebook.

of course, Facebook is not a non-profit charity, in the case of APP, the function is free to use, advertising becomes Faceb>