The 5 step to achieve differentiated content marketing so easy

introduction: micro-blog, WeChat, or watercress…… Social networking platform is bristly, enough to make your content marketing spread! Now, want to let you out of the ordinary content, only 5 steps! Quick 5 step method, let your brand to become the next Durex


now, more and more enterprises to promote the brand in social media, resulting in the content marketing beyond count. However, they converge, the effect of mediocre. How do the differences of content marketing, and can not simply rely on the diagram with text in the form of Simon, Jones proposed a fresh "content marketing five" principle, come and worship, let your brand to become the next Durex



1 hit the target audience of

this is one of the things we often ignore. Although the key to do content marketing is to let it spread the virus, but you can not forget the importance of the target audience. In fact, we need to take the time to figure out who we are writing and who we are interested in. What are the channels of information and what do they believe?…… If you can answer these questions, you truly know your target audience, marketing content you will center the heart.

2 real and close to life

if you create content marketing purposes, is to win the attention, then, your content must be with the audience dialogue. This means that your content can not be written like a fairy tale, it will lose the meaning of marketing information transmission. Before writing the content, you can refer to the rival’s article, insight into the interesting data and views of this category, rather than to fabricate a product is not suitable for the enterprise, the service of the story". Your content can be presented in an exaggerated manner, but it is absolutely interesting and unique to be shared.

3 image

this is very simple, a picture of a thousand words. Pictures, videos are visual presentation, do not ignore them. Now, more and more people use mobile phone to view the information on social media, your content on their fingertips sliding, the audience just touch the screen, may be able to achieve marketing objectives. Of course, it is not just the "figurative form diagram with text". Think about your friend Shuabing share case is mostly GIF and

short video?

4 integrated communications

social media content marketing, cheaper, simpler and faster. But don’t let your content be isolated, it will only waste time, no effect. Good content marketing, not only need a good picture and copy, but also need to combine with public relations, search engine optimization and advertising strategy. Just as you can’t figure out what the whole drama is going to be from a TV show, the isolated content marketing doesn’t appeal to the audience. Furthermore, the creation of the content should be the core component of the team skills