The use of the most popular movie promotion with creativity

of the global financial crisis under the film entertainment besieged on all sides, Piaohong, "why is this, huh?" think about history, economic depression is Hollywood oxytoic woman, "lipstick effect" of the magic entertainment industry especially the movie will shine. Communication master Mcluhan said that the media information is also exposed! Media, unlimited extension of the marketing advertising people thinking: when more and more audience by the movie "siege", the media will greatly enhance the value of the film itself. The other end of the scale and consumers in the traditional advertising bombing, already looked absent-minded, "the sound of advertising, but don’t regard".

clever marketing people do not miss this opportunity, so from the "Transformers", "Chibi" to "the founding of a republic", "wind" of the whole cast fists, a time of film marketing with follow up in droves.

business owners and film media forms of cooperation continue to be the most changeful, from hard patch, the premiere of public relations activities, to soft implant, plot customization, to retrofit authorized cooperation and ground promotional activities. But in the movie marketing campaign of the great leap forward, Nishajuxia, dragons and fishes jumbled together. Some cases have wasted a lot of money and the scarcity of high-end film resources, and some cases can be a very good corporate propaganda appeal, but does not cause the audience’s antipathy. Internet marketing expert Liu Dongming believes that the movie marketing is the essence of "creativity", with creativity as the fulcrum, 42 pounds, clever squeeze film marketing value, make excellent ROI. also must grasp the "relevance principle": "the network of integrated marketing weapon spectrum" a Book of research shows that the net swims into advertising can be said to be the younger brother of film marketing, can learn from each other. If you take control of a good correlation in two dimensions of brand and product, can let the marketing effect of fermentation times N this paper, the six main ways of film marketing section analysis, how to use creative play movie marketing six Hyun see.

1, movie patch ad, "poison" or "dessert"

directly to the audience to promote the brand and promotional information, and the audience is sitting in the theater to watch the ad, a no remote control, two of the high cost of those who will not waste these minutes do not enjoy audio-visual. According to the survey, the film patch advertising arrival rate can reach 97.4%-100%. Because in addition to a series of product information, but also can bring the visual, auditory unlimited enjoyment, so that the goodwill of advertising. Before the opening of the blockbuster look forward to the process, the brain is in a state of excitement, a few minutes of advertising, like a meal before the appetizer dessert, so the audience will not be too exclusive. This type of advertising with a large broadcast once, fast spread, hundreds of city, dozens of cinemas released simultaneously, considerable scale. In order to improve the effect of communication, the company can also provide prizes, prizes, to carry out watching the winning message interaction, etc..

but need to pay attention to the problem is the patch advertising is a double-edged sword, if more than the limits of the audience, may be from the appetizer dessert into poison". Box office 420 million yuan this year