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was supposed to cite a few black hat SEO example, can be in a normal post length. But when you write an example, look at the space. Although I personally never, can not, dare not, use black hat or grey hat SEO skills, but also very much against the black hat gray hat SEO. But we also enjoyed the black hat SEO. It seems that everyone has a subconscious heart of evil, but depressed by social roles. Can not do, talk about the mouth can also be addicted to.

, of course, introduced black hat SEO, is not to encourage anyone to do. As has been said, I am against black hat SEO technology, especially those that have no artistic skills. The reason why, just let us know more about a variety of practices, but also can prevent the trap. China. Adsense nets

how to get links to other people’s Web sites through less legitimate means?

a lot of SEO have seen someone hacked into other people’s websites, put hidden links to their websites to improve PR and rank. But this is not a black hat, but hackers. Not only moral issues, but also legal issues.

also someone else, the link to do other people’s Web site. I have seen people set up a special virtual hosting company, the price is very attractive, as long as you can recover the cost, or even lose money. With the customer, put their links on the client’s website, usually hidden links. Because the host client site on their own servers, put what you want to put.

in order to avoid legal problems, such a host company may also be in the terms of the service is not conspicuous place add: the company reserves the right to modify the client page. Looking for virtual hosting customers, who will go to read the terms of service? Ten thousand people do not know will not have a? Although it is not illegal, but also quite wicked.

some people no longer look to improve, not secretly put the links in the host client web site, but to provide free hosting, is the customer must provide links to the host company specified on the website. This is usually the target site, the PR value high nonprofit website.

the United States and Europe have a number of non-profit organizations, because of its own characteristics, the site can attract a lot of links. But people do not understand the operation of the site or SEO network marketing, there is no interest. It is a good thing for them to sponsor, not in the amount of sponsorship, but in many places, it is a kind of social atmosphere to make donations to non-profit organizations.

a number of non-profit organizations, PR can reach 7, 8 and so on. People who bought the link know, PR7, 8 or even $9, how much is the cost of a month. Sponsor such a host, the cost is much lower.

by the way, did not find a non-profit organization in Singapore PR value high. If you have the PR value reached 8 of the non profit organization website, please contact me. Station. Long net