Creative marketing that allows users to interact with each other

allows users to connect with each other in creative marketing

What is the creative marketing of

that allows users to connect with each other? Maybe you don’t know how to do it. Do not know how to do, but we can in some cases, to find the logic behind them, and then analyzed, refined the method for guiding our operations. Look at the case

Germany chocolate brand Milka chocolate bar, the normal version is a large cut into 20 pieces, when you need to eat again after break apart and eat, this version is the same price, but to give you 19 pieces!? the small loss, not production defects, also not be eating but, in order to complete the "last piece of chocolate, leaving you most care about people watching" link address: firsttime=94


after I read the following three ideas

1, marketing is a comprehensive, not only manufacturers and users, as well as the relationship between users and users.

2, their products as a carrier, to achieve the purpose of marketing you want to achieve

3, grafting between different industries

first, marketing is a comprehensive, not only manufacturers and users, as well as the relationship between users and users.

in my previous consciousness, taking into account the relationship between me and the user, ignoring the relationship between the user and the user, forget that this is an important reason for their interaction. This is also an important factor to enhance their brand awareness. But now it is not too late, today, this article through the case analysis of the logic behind it, used to guide our future operations

two, the product as a carrier

in the case of chocolate, is a carrier of feelings, and this carrier, is achieved through a creative. The idea is to put a piece of the original twenty chocolate, only to you, and the rest of the piece, they help you post your most important person. What a wonderful idea, ah, we are not aware of some familiar scenes. Does it make you think of Valentine’s Day Valentine’s day. This is what I want to say about grafting

three, grafting

your last piece of chocolate to your most important person, whether this scene reminds you of your time on Valentine’s day, we send chocolate to their lovers feel? This is the function of existing chocolate. When the lovers receive chocolate, that kind of happy feeling, it is our marketing card. To find this point, how to achieve it so that our users to a large box of chocolate to their most concerned about the people, it is obviously not a role. Why, because it’s not Valentine’s Day