Thinking about marketing

‘s Thoughts on marketing

I sold a year and a half of maternal and child products, and in this year, for marketing can be said to have a new understanding. Prior to the knowledge of marketing are staying at this level of theory, such as their real marketing will be found, the theory and practice is a gap, it can be said that the gap between heaven and earth. Zhao Kuo empty talk ruined the four hundred thousand Zhao soldiers. Pure theory of marketing knowledge almost let me venture failed. Here to share with you the next year I think about marketing.

a, marketing is divided into two parts

1, attract more people to our store, website,

2, the product as a carrier to create a sympathetic mood

two, attract more people to our store, website

no more people know you, know you, all of your marketing tools are white, and so you have enough people to pay attention to, enough people to your store, you can develop their own fans. We look at Nike, Lining, Adidas, sea fishing, etc. every successful enterprise you can think of, first, the most important is to attract the past, then people in the past, to experience their different value, finally into their value, to become his fans.

, for example, now Taobao big, they through the train, Taobao ranking optimization, through hard advertising, soft Wen, and so on all the way to attract people to their store. And then use their products as a carrier, to create an emotional resonance, to make you into their hardcore fans.

how do we attract more people to our store?

we want to target groups as long as we are not sticking to formalities, where are our attractions. For example, I do maternal and child products, then, hospitals, kindergartens, vegetable markets, children’s TV programs, such as the mother and child forums are the places we want to look for. And then in these places we can discount, explosions, send gifts to attract them to our shop to go inside, but you also need to pay attention to, must find the mother’s sympathy, they are willing to find a reason, from the real life to find them. Can also be used to attract the current hot spots. For example, to the child to prevent the needle, you can cooperate with the doctor, the location of the needle is located in your shop. Of course, this is just a way of thinking, such as a famous children’s program, you can disguise yourself as a transit station. Cultivate the children and let them play.

three, the product as a carrier to create emotional resonance

bluntly, is the user experience, with your incomparable details, conquer your users, let him have a sense of belonging, there is a feeling to find like-minded comrades. Here is the most commonly used method of the seven, through the visual, olfactory, tactile and other products to show you, so that we have a