17 won the music venture capital investment of 150 million yuan to build the best Chinese broadcast

today, 17 officially announced the joint Beijing tour Century Technology Co., Ltd. was established Chinese company in China, and won the prestigious venture investment fund music 150 million yuan heavy investment, will actively expand China live community market. In the face of increasingly popular mobile video broadcast social field, investors are confident about the future of 17 china.

17 by senior entrepreneurs is also well-known artist Mr. Jeff Huang founded the investment chairman Wang Sicong and Infinity Venture at Partners in early investment. July 2015, 17 listed in Taiwan, then triggered a boom. All users of the software can be broadcast, and as long as the audience reaches a certain number of cash dividends. 17 by virtue of the powerful broadcast function and reward mechanism caused a sensation, just 2 months to become the most popular social APP, now the application downloads more than 10 million. Domestic 17 will use SKYEYE monitoring system, the content of all regulatory filtering, will do all the content in line with the requirements of domestic network regulation.

heavy investment in addition to actively expand the Chinese market, the music body also contributed to the 17 venture capital and music as a strategic cooperation in the field of intelligent hardware. In the future, the 17 will be expanded to more new areas to go, in addition to their own mass broadcast community, will also create a variety of sports, games, games, etc., to become an integrated video broadcast platform.