The analysis of unconventional ways of website promotion

nowadays, website promotion way is multifarious. Due to the increasingly fierce competition, the efficiency of the traditional website promotion methods have become increasingly low, the owners are trying to break the routine, the embodiment of innovative thinking. The following list a few cases for the owners reference.

1, "viral marketing" expansion:

recently in the QQ group inside often see roughly as "today just found a free inquiry girlfriend (boyfriend) the location of the mobile phone website, the accuracy rate was 99%, the exact range of mobile phone location 50 meters, chain street can be displayed, it is unbelievable, the address is……" The advertisement information, the author found that after landing the text "positioning system detects that you have not landed in 10 seconds will automatically transfer the query system default number: XXXXXXXXXX", see here, I probably know this station publicity ideas, is nothing more than the use of Internet users curiosity doing viral marketing. The station uses a membership system, with promotional offline code, suggesting that the user to a certain extent, you can use the full functionality of the station. The station’s revenue is mainly GG advertising, home page can see a lot of GG advertising. Should be, this way and thinking for a long time, understand the theory of the whole people are making a classic. So, this way there are people doing so old-fashioned? Its success lies in the design of theme selection and slogan, also elaborate several animation query mobile phone positioning system (which is actually an illusion), all of these, for ordinary users tempting rookie. Believe that the station will get a lot of traffic and income.

2, the application of

as everyone knows, now various forums and websites to link ads "guts", a lot of "dedication" of the moderator is very sensitive to the link, or even whether your article or topic to be excellent, as long as the link is blocked inside delete immediately. Similarly, Tencent also take corresponding measures to chat process involved in the link audit is very strict, and a black and white list supervision mechanism, once your web site is user complaints, want to QQ propaganda difficult. In view of this, many owners by way of publicity pictures, although still a lot of time to escape the eyes of the moderator, but at least it is a big killer machine review. Recently I see the most is the image of tea advertising and Taobao related products in the QQ group inside almost reached the point of flooding.

3, the use of event (Festival) effect

this is the use of major holidays and emergencies, release some of the latest violent material news, and take a link, use proper way can make your information spread overnight netizens (especially using QQ group). Of course, some owners also use disaster information to win sympathy, or today is the birthday of promotions and other CEOs Moumou, these methods and practices I do not agree, but especially offensive, the webmaster should pay attention to the key, can not go beyond the moral bottom line. Everything has a degree.


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