The specific implementation of new station promotion

at the beginning of each webmaster site hope that the site can quickly improve the site’s views, but a lot of new owners always feel no promotion. Nothing happens today, write some experience to everyone, if there is wrong place please forgive me.

how to promote new sites


recommend a: SNS promotion

is now more popular SNS "happy net", a post release function, some new and interesting content, reprint by friends, and attach themselves to the links in the content. This method is currently the most effective way, the content should not be finished at once, the attractive part of the site to stay in their own, tell the reader, click here to see the full text. Then register a few happy network account, add some friends, your post content will soon be spread, the volume will follow.

recommended two: Forum promotion

I said the Forum promotion is not let webmaster to do, unless you have a mature ID in a user more forum, or even use signature in the forum post crazy effect is not obvious. What do you do? My way is to find some regular users of the post in the forum PM them, talk to them, such as the use of their avatar, or signature, pay a small fee for each month, or to give them some gift (such as cards, prepaid cards, these kind of things) users of the post often bring you hits will certainly beyond your imagination.

forum to promote a method is to use their own ID to attract other users. For example, the name of my site is called a post, so in the major forums, my ID is called Baidu search. A lot of sofa, multiple some attractive post (the title of the party well), drew attention to curry favour by claptrap.

recommended three: blog promotion

in fact, I am not very optimistic about this promotion, mainly because of time-consuming power. But the effect of this promotion is still good, specific implementation is also relatively simple. I recommend you use Baidu space, first, because of the higher weight of Baidu space search in Baidu, two is because Baidu users more. The operation method is very simple, every post, and then go on to another in the space around, the best message in the space of others, or add them as a friend, then Baidu space to access the online software, you can try down.

recommended four: link

a lot of webmaster in exchange links, ask each other’s traffic and PR. I don’t care much about it. Because each do stand webmaster want their website can grow up, especially the new master, enthusiasm and work efficiency can be said to be the highest, with new sites to exchange links, there may be an unexpected harvest. But also need to look at each other’s website has the potential, if a look is a pure garbage station, then forget it