Electricity supplier should do this to make money

a few days ago a friend to find me, ask how to sell products to make money? Why is he a single product is not ideal, working so hard every day to sell just enough money to advertising, every day for work platform. To answer this question, we first look at the current situation of the three major electricity supplier platform, a basic case:


Ali do not have to say that we all know, at present, Taobao shop is the most people, it is currently the largest electricity supplier platform, from a few years old to seventy or eighty years old are aware of things to buy Taobao.

as the seller said open shop first thought is Taobao, Taobao shop into the low threshold, very simple, anyone who need an identity card to take a photo of OK, so this will lead to the Taobao competition, businesses and products price war is rampant, uneven in quality, you 10 yuan shipping, his 9.9 bags of mail someone shouted, even 6.8 shipping, so to the last fight not to carry out, the rest of the half-dead this way, no hope but are not willing to


so, what should Taobao do?

to do a good job Taobao must solve 3 problems:


1, is the preferred product positioning, single product profit space is large enough, then the degree of competition and mastering their

The flow rate of

2 (Sales), to solve the traffic problem is much more a single brush, brush up to sales, sales go up at the same time, credibility will go up, so to get to the front, front row show the amount of many have enough traffic, so it is easy to single out. Of course, in order to really do a good job to open the train, Ali mother advertising can be.

3 evaluation, with the flow almost, the evaluation should be done to a single brush, writing evaluation inside the hearts and minds of the language, many buyers show pictures, so that there is a large enough temptation. This is not much to say.

two Baidu


said many people may not know, because of people’s impression of Baidu is used to check up doubts, is used to search the movie music search, search beautiful car search, search… How Baidu search products, and are willing to pay it?

In fact, Baidu

since the beginning of 2003 there is a bidding business, is to do the promotion for the enterprise, business owners in the Baidu account to buy keywords will be able to make their products priority display, customers in the Baidu home page search related words can see related business enterprises and products, so customers can find an easy job to do their own products and service. If you are interested can contact me QQ271575617

therefore, in the promotion of Baidu products are also many, such as health care, health, education, catering, tourism, etc..

so, what should Baidu do?

to do Baidu just solve the following 2 questions: