How to protect domain name protect domain name from domain name registration [

how to protect the domain name? I do not know how many people have encountered the problem of domain name protection. But at least I found that some people have been concerned about, but it is estimated that the vast majority of companies do not know the most basic protection of the domain name, the most critical aspects of the domain name registration!

China company of domestic network

when some kind of uneven, the network domain name registration company to help guests cheat guests: the use of its own data, the domain name registration down when the ownership is the network company. This means that the guests spent money to register the domain name, but it is a network company, as long as the network company is not happy, guests can lose the right to use the domain name at any time.

I take a domestic company’s domain name (especially the.Com domain name) to look at it, it is easy to be able to encounter this kind of Internet companies have been fooled by the corporate website, it is worrying that.

I wrote a typical story about domain name domain name "story", telling a friend how to solve the problems encountered during the final in the domain name, are interested can look at it again, it will help you to have a more profound understanding of this article.


network companies such unkind behavior should be condemned and warning. But we can and should learn some knowledge to prevent some unscrupulous Internet companies when playing flicker entrusted by our domain name registration.

below is your domain name should be registered in advance to understand the two points:

domain name once registered, the information is not easy to change, change will have to spend money!
please note: the above two points are said to be two yards of things – the point of view of the domain name registration information, the second point is that the domain name replacement costs, do not confuse, remember that the first!

next to the domain name is the key point. Domain name has two parts of the information is very critical:

domain name registrant (Registrant)
to ensure that your domain name without controversy and use smoothly, you must ensure the domain name registration (Registrant) information and domain name management (Administrator) information of the two is for you, or.