Ali 11 international Tmall international and Taobao for the first time to participate in overseas


technology news October 30th afternoon, the Alibaba’s retail platform Tmall announced this year, double 11 Shopping Festival will expand to the world, Tmall international, Taobao overseas, sold speed pass for the first time in the double 11. Ali to electronic business platform, rookie logistics platform, cloud computing, big data capabilities, such as the core of the global ecosystem has been initially established.

double 11 this year, Tmall international, Taobao overseas, fast sell through, including the platform are involved in the double 11.

in Tmall international, mainly for domestic users, access from the United States, Japan, Korea and other countries of the well-known retail brands. In the United States Costco supermarket as an example, in 11 before the Costco Tmall international flagship store on the line for three days, sold 3 tons of nuts and nearly 1.5 tons of dried cranberries.

in Taobao overseas, focusing on China Hongkong, Chinese Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia (referred to as Malaysia Taiwan area) dominated the Southeast Asian market as well as the United States, canada. According to reports, in terms of traffic and GMV (platform transaction volume), Taobao overseas living in Hongkong, China, the first class electricity supplier platform, Taiwan, China third.

in terms of fast selling, for foreign consumers. 2013, the number of goods sold through the fast break 100 million, becoming the first electricity supplier in emerging markets such as Russia, Brazil and other countries. At present, Chinese businesses can use the fast selling products sold to more than and 220 countries and regions around the world.

In addition to the

business platform, according to reports, around the core of e-commerce business, Ali system home and abroad, have included Alipay, banks, professional cross-border electricity services, rookie network, logistics and express partners to provide support for the global ecosystem ali.

in the field of logistics, rookie network and partners together to build a global network of 5 continents covering the world’s overseas warehousing and aviation resources. In Hongkong, Taiwan, Singapore and other regions of the buyers online shopping habits, rookie in the three network launched 8000 overseas points.

Alibaba’s pace of globalization has also led to the expansion of overseas business partners. SF, Shen Tong, Tong, tact and other original domestic traditional old rookie network express, follow international layout, carry out overseas cross-border transport, warehousing, business from overseas.

in the field of payment, Alibaba ecosystem has also been expanded in recent years. For example, in Taiwan, China, the Bank of Yushan, Citibank and Taobao reached a cooperation overseas, during the 11 year period, the maximum credit card to enjoy a cash discount of 10%. In Hongkong, the octopus and PPS support Taobao overseas payment.

at the same time, Ali by means of technology to achieve a cross-border electricity supplier logistics process digitization. For example, the information system of the logistics network rookie, a visualization of logistics tracking: from packaging, weighing, transportation, customs clearance, transport, distribution, self advice, sign for the parcel and other links, can be real-time monitoring.