Jingdong mall exposes one day loss of two hundred million electricity supplier chaos war or into the

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Beijing, March 26, (IT channel Zuo Shengdan) electricity supplier price war, so that consumers love hate mixed. Consumers benefit from the purchase of cheap goods, but there are consumers, electricity supplier price war indifferent, or even offensive. According to the Beijing News reported that China Electronic Commerce Research Center monitoring shows that last year, the national electricity supplier price war no less than 10 times, after half a month after the price war, are the peak of customer complaints. Some analysts believe that the current electricity supplier service is still a weak link. The electronic commerce in the distribution, installation, maintenance and other aspects of product return, is still short board.

Aiming at the problems existing in the

business, the relevant responsible person said market supervision department of the State Administration for Industry and commerce, the State Administration for Industry and commerce this year will be from market access, unfair competition, according to area management, the implementation of the 2010 "network behavior of commodity trading and related services launched revised Interim Measures". According to reports, SAIC is strengthening the construction of electricity supplier credit system, the establishment of a blacklist system, the future of online operators of illegal activities, such as unfair competition, illegal price promotions will be recorded.

Liu Qiangdong blew a day over two hundred million loss

electricity supplier "War Within Three Kingdoms", "double 11" price war, every festival will "war" in the electricity supplier last year to allow consumers to experience the madness of discount promotions. Such a price war on the electricity supplier business is double-edged sword.

last August 15th, Liu Qiangdong took the initiative to declare war on the United States and Suning, the two sides fight price war. Recently, Liu Qiangdong in the review of the war, said the electricity supplier war is not intended to launch both parties. For Jingdong, was too much money, operational aspects of the negative distress, so the need for such a war to show the strength of the opponent to Jingdong. And said at the time of the day’s loss over two hundred million.

recently, a scouring network through its price monitoring system, released in 2012 the whole network B2C online shopping price index. The report shows that, in addition to a slight increase in January and in February, the other months showed varying degrees of decline, the largest decline of 4.5% in the year of December, therefore, in 2012 was also hailed as the electricity supplier price war.

for frequent price war, Dumbo CEO Xiang Ligang said that the price war is a means of competition, of course, can have, but now the war " ", nine out of ten is " chaos ".

"Legal Evening News" comments, "war" between the electricity supplier, may be said to have been wandering in the legal edge, at any time may be illegal or have a "shock" — if the costly price, then it relates to unfair competition; if the first shill discount, is suspected of price fraud. When the electricity supplier to price war gimmick to attract the attention of the time, in fact, the amount of overdraft in their integrity, but also to remind the relevant departments to strengthen supervision.