Cross border electricity supplier market booming domain name fiery

renamed China ( January 14th news, in recent years, the sea Amoy, overseas purchasing market, Suning, Amazon, and other Jingdong, electricity supplier giants have entered the stage to share a cup of soup. See cross-border electricity supplier platform more and more, and related to the sea Amoy class domain name also with a fire, the transaction prices continue to rise.

NetEase enabled animal domain name koala sea Amoy


: koala sea purchase

recently, a NetEase, enable the "koala" Larry domain, built its cross-border business platform "koala sea purchase". In the fixed thinking of people, looks like only the sea, Amoy, ocean, buy, buy "such names that linked with the cross-border electricity supplier, but in fact, the domain name and domain name with animal fruit essence lies in different approaches but equally satisfactory results, they do not belong to a particular industry, looking at what seems useless, but in fact it is available everywhere.

SF reached a high-profile cross-border electricity supplier in the field of

cross-border electricity supplier this big cake, will engage in logistics SF is also attracted to the use of the SF logistics advantage to build self – SF cross-border sea Amoy, officially launched in the recently opened 4 letter domain name The domain name "SF sea Amoy Pinyin abbreviation, simple and elegant, with the brand image. In addition, SF sea Amoy brand Quanpin domain has been under protection in sf.

from the beginning of last year, SF based on the sea Amoy business to do a lot of layout. In early April, SF launched a personal sea Amoy consumer products transport sea purchase Feng Yun, creative website enabled the domain name, and in August launched overseas direct purchase, purchasing businesses global Shun logistics products. At the same time, SF EXPRESS is also working with a number of foreign electricity supplier website including America watches discount mall Ashford, China opened direct mail business.

sea Amoy class Larry domain body up

sea Amoy domain prices become the trend, but with "foreign" and "Tao", "sea" detached domain does not seem cheap, such as Xu Jun as its new project "sea honey", takes 7 digit brand name; the main tired acquired "Honey Amoy" brand sale the domain name of the website, although do not know the specific price, but it is said that this is the most expensive domain name bought tired main, thus the domain price is not low.

however, last year’s "capricious" sea Amoy domain, non Hangzhou XiPai trading company to buy "foreign buy" Larry go. At the beginning of the domain name is 150 thousand yuan, and then the buyers came to the door to negotiate, the seller before the offer is $150 thousand. The price is also very different. The buyer eventually to $125 thousand, about $768 thousand acquisition of the domain name yangma>