Suning COO Jingdong Beijing shelling bragging campaign first hit three years

Hou Enlong

Phoenix Technology News Hou told the media vowed to "Park cleaning", "Beijing battle" is not only a "double eleven", but the Jingdong’s total war, "I must do what time" the pig’s mouth "killed so far."

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"double eleven" is coming, the air is full of gunpowder.

October 28th, Suning coo Hou park called more than 10 media in Beijing, his rival Jingdong head Liu Qiangdong. "If every day," brag "I think he is like the entertainment people" and "social responsibility as an entrepreneur is too poor"…… For more than two hours, he launched a series of shells.

Suning "Beijing campaign" is not a new idea, but this time, when the media Enron vowed to "clean up", "Beijing battle" is not only a "double eleven", but the Jingdong’s total war, "I must do what time to" pig on the outlet "killed so far."

There are also questioned


Hou Enlong’s visit to Beijing to participate in the Logistics Conference the Ministry of Commerce, at the same time as the "battle of the first flat duzhan Beijing war" Beijing Su Ning "double 11" activities.

he is from the Jingdong "known as the strongest attack China logistics", questioned Liu Qiangdong and Zhang Zetian fall in love and get married behind Jingdong involved in speculation, questioned in the condition of Liu Qiangdong in 2014 3 billion 600 million the huge loss of option incentive, questioned the Jingdong financing cash flow dried up, questioned Liu Qiangdong of Jingdong management control weakened, and even Jingdong sell secondhand, all can think of the Jingdong of negative news, Hou Enron enumerated.

interesting is Hou Enlong’s analysis of the operation of Jingdong". "Said it (Jingdong) operating conditions have made a significant breakthrough. Well, last year, a loss of 5 billion, his (Liu Qiangdong) took a stake of $3 billion 600 million in the first half of this year and lost a total of $1 billion 200 million. It is a negative cash flow financing has hundreds of millions of funds, financing for the negative concept of what? The book began to have no money, so the account has been stretched, his last year to the supplier’s account for 37 days, until the more than and 50 day today."

"I don’t know what is inside the Jingdong say, perhaps Liu married no matter what. I feel his recent remarks are very interesting, I look at their remarks, a person to finish a person no, no, no, no, very interesting. I feel a series of recent events, I think he is really recognize counsels have no money." Hou Enlong said.

Hou Enlong of the Jingdong is defined as "traditional Internet enterprise", "the traditional Internet business gold ten years has come to an end, if not transformation, can’t come up with the appropriate things, or rely on gossip, by blindly speculation, I think the traditional Internet companies have no future. The following ten years must be O2O, must be online and offline integration, which is the global retail trend".