Olympic commemorative banknotes Com was registered

with the Olympic Games approaching, with the Olympic Games related items and events are speculation raise a Babel of criticism of the network. But the recent stir than the Olympic commemorative banknotes, but according to D& N; domain name firms understand that related to this international domain name has been registered by a space, such as ".COM" Olympic commemorative banknotes;.

, according to informed sources, the Olympic commemorative banknotes issued after a strong social repercussions, the contradiction between supply and demand is very prominent. The central bank decided to increase the issuance of 60 million Olympic bills. Newly issued commemorative banknotes worth 10 yuan. After the increase in circulation, the total amount of domestic Olympic banknotes will reach 66 million, together with the Hongkong area and Macao each of the circulation of the amount of the total amount of the Olympic banknotes will reach 74 million copies of the total, the total amount of the total amount of the Olympic Games will be up to 4 million.

although this news has not been confirmed, but an exact message is part of the international domain name has been registered. According to D& N " domain name firms understand that Olympic commemorative banknotes have been named XIAOHUI.COM" a CHEN Chinese registered by GoDaddy.com, WHOIS public information, the registered address for the Shenzhen Luohu District show. According to the investigation, no party in the public network or selling the domain name and domain name speculation, the normal analysis to a logo will soon have an open network space.

due to the CNNIC to take a more stringent mandatory removal system, there is no registered.CN domain name. This paper consists of (www.DnFirm.cn) feeds.