Honey bud electricity supplier complaints black list half of the complaint is not resolved

[Abstract] honey bud baby is the first half of this year after the user satisfaction ranking TOP20 network retailer.


Beijing daily news (reporter Li Duo, Chen Keyuan) standing on the air sea Amoy website has been criticized by consumers. Chinese Electronic Commerce Research Center released yesterday, "2015 (on) Chinese e-commerce user experience and complaints monitoring report" shows that the first half of e-commerce complaints grew 2.03%, online shopping is still the largest electricity supplier complaints, scouring the sea with 16.55% high Biden complaints on the black list for three.


report shows that honey bud baby (now renamed "Honey bud"), babe network, 12 appliance business platform, user complaint resolution rate of less than half of the first half of this year, is the user satisfaction relative ranking by the TOP 20 online retailers; compared with the same period last year, including the 3, 14 home appliance business platform the platform, increase the number of complaints of users.

in the first half of China’s e-commerce complaints and rights of public service platform through online submission, telephone, WeChat and other channels, the user received a nationwide e-commerce related complaints increased by 2.03%. Among them, the proportion of online shopping accounted for 33.86% of total e-commerce complaints, ranked first; O2O life service providers, the proportion of the total sea Amoy Amoy e-commerce complaints were 26.9%, 16.55%. In the first half of this year, the first three e-commerce complaints for online shopping, O2O and mobile providers, accounting for the proportion of 49.07%, respectively, 23.89%, sea Amoy is not an independent calculation of complaints.

in the legal rights China e-commerce research center analyst Yao Jianfang view, the rise of the sea Amoy in recent years, the emergence of cross-border electronic business platform with honey bud as the representative, the development process in the industry is not mature, all kinds of non-standard, Hai Tao became the new hot consumer complaints. Yao Jianfang believes that a large business platform settled merchants, business quality so the loopholes in the management of uneven in quality, more is customer complaints more areas; cross-border electricity supplier maternal sources has been questioned because of the product, as well as the frequent customer service service issues, customer complaints become another focus area.

it is understood that the day before the honey bud due to complaints of consumers buy "made in Japan" Betta gem series of glass bottle is suspected to be fake, into the vortex of public opinion. Although the Ministry of Commerce and industry to provide information to verify the honey bud, and said that in line with the formalities, but still can not escape the controversy of consumers.

because consumers do not trust, large electricity providers have been proven platform goods fidelity. Jingdong, Tmall International launched the National Museum, seeking high-quality overseas brand resources, Jingdong CEO Liu Qiangdong (micro-blog) is a platform for merchants to personally check. Jumei.com, the koala is the sea purchase have been playing authorization card, through abroad sign the certificate of authorization, seeking endorsement of trust. Blue ocean pier CEO once said, brand licensing and cross-border goods fidelity is neither sufficient nor necessary. "