The ten cheats to help you enhance the credibility of hospital website

for network marketing, the site is a gateway to the hospital network marketing. So when the patients through our external resources into the door, how can we let him look for the door, and have a good? When the patient first came to our site, he may achieve the understanding of the hospital of the poor, or never heard of this hospital. So how can we leave a good first impression of the patient how to better let the patient through the website to understand the hospital, and then to the hospital to have a good impression to consult, to check it?

with this problem, I visited a lot of hospital marketing blog Bowen, according to the experience of many webmaster, summarized the following points.

1 website style

    website style is the first manifestation of the credibility of the hospital, the patient into the hospital, the first concern is this. Web style strive, beautiful, simple, generous, bright. Only in this way will not allow patients to enter the hospital website, feeling the hospital low-grade. A lot of small and medium-sized hospital web site design and make it appear rough disorder, the use of color is not harmonious, let a person into the page there is a feeling of oppression. Or excessive pursuit of visual effects and a large area of the use of pictures and flash, affecting the user access speed and the loss of patients. If so, the hospital in patients with heart credibility plummeted, also do not talk about what the transformation.

2 service full

we all know that there is a state-owned hospital is difficult to see a doctor, the current situation of poor service. So, for private hospitals, only do this service, in order to better win the trust of patients. Some friends may ask, the patient just landed on our page, has not yet come to the hospital how to know our service?. The site’s service is reflected in all the patients can easily browse and use the site’s columns and function settings. Like the most common Q & a channel, comprehensive contact information (400800, local fixed telephone, QQ, MSN, online consultation), convenient access to medical treatment (site map), etc.. With these things, it is easy for patients to find a timely manner to solve their own illness. Also reflects the service of the website.

3 web site content

site content must reflect the accuracy and authority. The importance of the content of the web site is self-evident, a lot of hospital network department has a full-time editor, in the online collection of pseudo original articles for website content construction. For this one should be noted that, when the collection of peer hospital information, we must pay attention to modify the content of other people’s Web site, the details. In the treatment of the characteristics of the hospital should have sufficient theoretical basis, with the facts speak, do not let the patient have a sense of ambiguity. This will make the patients feel the strength of this hospital is absolutely powerful, doctor of choice. We should remember that it is better to write an essay than to fill in an article that has no meaning.