Using friends platform to get high traffic skills

a person, in reality, entrepreneurial success, will generally experience: working stage, stage, stage, shop, very few people from the campus after the direct shop, fewer people from the campus after directly opened his own company. And generally a person from the beginning of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial success, generally have to go through more than 3 years.

Network Entrepreneurship, is divided into three stages, the first stage for the advertising page stage, the second stage for the product sales stage, the third stage for the regular stage.

the first stage, the main profit model of the site is to rely on the webmaster propaganda to the flow of advertising on the station to generate revenue, the main representative is the use of advertising stations to profit.

second stage, the main profit model is to rely on the network to buy traffic to promote their products or services to obtain profits. The main product is the use of competitive advertising platform to profit.

third stage, the site is a sustainable development of the regular station. The main representative is the current number of large and medium-sized Web site.

the three stage is the vast majority of people have to go through the Internet in the three stage, generally from the first stage to the third stage, takes 3~5 years.

on the network, the flow into the form of money, called profit terminal, profit terminal popular understanding, is the web page.

website income = flow * bid rate * single standard profit – cost (network revenue universal formula)

in the first stage, with the major league advertising commission prices were unchanged (single profit), at the same time ad click rate unchanged (bid rate), so the determinants of the level of income is the first stage of flow factor. So, how high in the first phase of the income, the key is to see how high the ability to get traffic, how much traffic can get a day. In the first phase, under normal circumstances, every one thousand IP, income between 2~50 yuan.


terminal of the first stage, mainly advertising advertising inside, a click on the ads, advertising, software download mobile phone advertising, advertising and other registered member registration, more famous advertising GOOGLE advertising alliance, Baidu advertising alliance, Sogou advertising alliance, YAHOO advertising alliance. Click on the click of the advertising ratio is generally 5%, click on the basic price is consistent, so in order to obtain high income, it is necessary to go out more publicity flow, the following introduction of a high flow skills:

is the first stage of the flow are 90% of the traffic flow that enters men, trash tourists, most of them are male, one of the most important topics is the network of friends, through China dating the number of stations can be seen, one by one, a burn than a a, received VC investment also has a lot of home. Men are friends of the main access station, the main purpose is to find friends on the site to find beauty, so if you can create a lot of beautiful ID, then you will get a huge flow.