Some simple ways to increase traffic

1 search engine optimization, Baidu, Google optimization, targeting, music, MP3, download, movies, games, such as level one, level two, even * * keyword optimization. Seo introduced a lot of sites, it is not repeated here, the search seo optimization and other keywords, too many   network;

2. network storage method, and now has been to do procedures, their content to the station in the collective group, bad for the tens of thousands of /ip are very easy.

3. friendship connection, a good friendship connection is the hundreds of IP can, if in a good web site there is a connection, tens of thousands of IP is very normal, the friendship connection can work the PR value, many stations have paid great attention to the value of a google.

4. joined the chain system, common Tai Chi chain and the few chain Qi yun.. There are now common window Union, I am here to recommend a new chain of to is a new chain system under the support of friends, into the right chain code on the website can at least can improve the flow of more than 30%.

5. Blog to do the flow of the method, in each blog are registered account, and then they want to publicize the site address put inside, and then write some search value of the article, this method, before someone. Tight earned high PR, IP, There are plenty of people who earn tens of thousands.

6. malicious code, software, virus promotion, I despise this technique, but many large websites, such as Qihoo, before 3721, the last 51, Taobao recently introduced several stores "are also done this kind of thing, strongly despise.

7. forced home page, the effect is amazing, almost everyone in the traffic surge, this method works very well. Although there are only suspected of malicious code, we see.

8. tools group, effect is very low, except those in the large group of tools. That day in the tens of thousands of IP or normal, such as Baidu Post Bar, CILU, Sina and so on, only good can be mass tool PR, some trash can have 6 values of PR there are many by this method to the.

9. mass mailing, technology is very much, and now some sites, send a friend to send the relevant way can learn from, mop, on the use of this. More successful cases. The bottom will be described in detail.

9. Qq group, more software, common practices, considerable traffic

11. some game sites, chat rooms, mass, a lot of sites with a bit of * * *, mass, the effect of different.

12. some cheating make flow cheat the world ranking method I >