Fried A beauty help micro blog triggered a 200 brand advertising war

it’s like this.

micro-blog users @ Miss Zhang Yu two days to buy a soybean milk machine. In the choice of soybean milk brand, she accidentally, the choice of phobia on the.

what should we do? She made a piece of micro-blog: "all eyes, don’t know which to choose, and easily circle several administrative micro-blog.

just like that, she fires

at present, this micro-blog forwarding volume has exceeded 80 thousand, the amount of comments reached 50 thousand. Baidu, NetEase, Jingdong, Gao De, Wei long, Didi, daughter, millet, Haier, China…… nearly 200 blue V run to get things!

is the largest in the history of a commercial war, strange and eccentric, fantastic so rather baffling started

bloggers face Meng became forced to surround each of listed companies has become a hot woman, did not comment on this brand micro-blog, go out to greet people are expected to feel shy


pair! You’re right! These brands are doing things!



even reply the sister paper even fell!


according to hearsay, this may be the blue V group organized and premeditated planning a marketing campaign. There are administrative micro-blog said, this is a little boring in the Biancou accident out with

what is before the Eleven World War II double collective runaway? Also.