Marketing from life to win the trust of users are just traits watch pain points

people say that art comes from life, Enron wants to say that marketing is born in life.


speaks two cases.

finally got some personal time last night, turned on the TV and saw the movie channel in the premiere of the movie "pancake man". Then watch the old movie "bridges" half. Marketing and life thinking are also from this.

is the first film director, Dapeng man "Premiere" pancake. The premiere of the stage, the main purpose is to complete the pancake man perfect marketing. In addition to invite movie actors and directors, the most important thing is to tell the story of the film, and film footage revealed the purpose behind the shooting "bitter" story.

want to acknowledge here is very safe in the two points are: two the creative spirit of roc. This is a ROC in his first film when cited an example: may all of my movies look and did not see the film is very high, can also feel, then in the comments to the echo of a good; but if this is a Stephen Chow movie, very high the film’s audience expectations, see this movie feel when is probably not so good; I think, now everyone on the "pancake man" may appear such a high praise, in fact, may be better than expected, but the film itself is actually not so good. (meaning, not words)

here, Dapeng show to us is a humble. And a network of different drama, true, and more likely to allow the majority of users to recognize such an image. This is my virgin film, I hope everyone has a good comment, but even if it is a good response, I do not feel that my own standard is particularly high, but we are still very small expectations.


is a hard-working spirit of a roc, "dream of going to the real version, if achieved it.

When we look at the

network drama "grass root" man, always have such a feeling: Dapeng network is very wide, it must have a lot of money. Why? He every episode has 2 to 3, even more big guest stars. To follow the "pancake man", we still see a lot of stars, that piece of land, from the Northeast Errenzhuan walk out of the door of crosstalk star, and young people, and Yuan Shanshan, Liu Yan, Amber Kuo, Eric Tsang, Zheng Kai and other stars reds.


star heavy remained network drama, but the fact is not the "star edge is very good, Mirs a wide range of contacts, we see behind the successful star matrix, there are more to roc star camp, each star, he is a painstaking persuasion to.

we don’t go to Guan Dapeng said is true or false, only to see the premiere of marketing: a new attitude of humility, one is the unremitting hard work, also in the middle of the premiere a poor set >