Hu Yufeng the new forum to promote my top posts plan

top posts who will not ah, an old-fashioned topic. If you think so, I can not, if not really new, I will not come out to share with you.

first, to talk about, compared with the post, the top posts have any advantages.

1 post, whether it is original, or if more time, post it, just to find a post to turn about, do not have to spend time, but have no effect? Quality posts, or have a wide spread of posts, the results are not necessarily better than the top posts, while the top Esther, a few words will solve the problem, a few minutes can top.

2 post, want to original effect, of course, that is a person of limited resources, to fight a lone battle, to write an original every day, it is remarkable, and the top posts, use is the power of people, as long as the popular forum, does not have this defect.

3 post, even if your content is very high quality of the original forum, you sent more, after more than 10, because the same theme, the search may no longer be included, and the top posts, because you are the top of the post, each subject is different, as long as the forum has weight, generally included, from this point on the effect is better than the original.

two. In order to let the top, produce the best results, need to pay attention to a few points:

Individuality signature

1 set up the forum, with the chain anchor text hyperlinks than links to useful, this I think we all know, so want to make the anchor text, don’t just leave the address, the number of words not beyond the limits of the case, both the good, I like this.

if you do not have a good personality before signing, it is too funny, the soldiers on the front line, without a gun, then what to do?Pay attention to

2 new posts, the better the more the new and old card, search have been collected, you can go to the top, to search for this page update snapshot after your signature in the link to act, that we have to wait until what time ah, you know where the post page is not the forum, home page will be updated frequently the article page, update is very slow, even no longer update.

to the top 3 on the 10 floor, more than 10 buildings, of little significance, because the first page search included Posts generally received a theme, you at the top of the 10 floor, it is also a collection of pages, may greatly reduce the.

4 top posts is not necessary to stay outside the chain, the individual thinks, post links and signature links should not distinguish the nature, should be the same effect, since the signature has links, the top posts will no longer leave the link, because if it is posted, a long, after leaving a copyright, add a link, not too eye-catching, but the top posts is not the same, itself a few words, a long copyright, leave a chain, see people dislike, the moderator will get angry, the letter of your ID, then miserable.

5 Top Posts don’t be too lazy