The founding team declined to join millet declined to 80 million he is now holding 250 million us

[Wuhan] hunting cloud network reported on December 24th (by Wang Anyuan)

introduction: Wuhan’s Internet business atmosphere is not big, but also hot. The Wuhan river has been the name card of Wuhan, and Wuhan is also becoming a new innovative driving force, more let us feel warm here entrepreneurs, recently launched the "hunting cloud WuHan Railway Station will venture in a series of reports in Jiangcheng", we welcome the attention! Today will launch an interview with  hunting cloud wooden warehouse technology founder Jiang Yinghao, see how to , the driving test book illegal query and other products as the core of the wooden warehouse technology within 5 years, a total of more than 250 million users.

into a wooden warehouse technology, you can see the door of millet TV broadcast CCTV Dialogue Chinese brand interview, the beginning of the program, Jiang Yinghao introduced the name of the name of the wooden warehouse to the host.

, the name of the time, with Lei Jun in chat, chat to the millet plus rifles, millet is millet, he wanted to be able to call the rifle when the registration of technology, but was rejected, so he will be shot split into two words: wooden warehouse. So there is a wooden warehouse technology.

Wooden warehouse technology

was founded in 2011, the national treasury, illegal inquiries, driving car, car treasure headlines and other products as the core, after 5 years of development, the current accumulated more than 250 million users, up to 12 million days to live.

Jiang Yinghao said, when his driver’s license, see the people around to open the car when the blue App login interface, he knew that this is in their own products.

wooden warehouse is the gun, we are used to the flame of wisdom ", so he to hunt cloud network (WeChat: ilieyun) to describe the wooden warehouse.

from 2 people to 200 people, wooden warehouse this gun already in driving training and hit the car market after the first team, not a bunch of empty ideal Cacafuego, they used to hold data to talk about financing.


this is a low-key high-profile work team, they believe that good is like a magnet, which is the wooden warehouse for 5 years from 2 to 7 of the core backbone 11 to not only increase, the team expanded to 200 people today are


when you are sitting on hundreds of millions of users, tens of millions of daily living, naturally there will be all kinds of cooperation, capital and other resources to come, this is also the reason that wooden warehouse attracted a number of investors thrown olive branch.

The longer

stays in a big company, the smaller the

Jiang Yinghao hit after graduation to the NetEase, there is a senior development engineer, Youdao Dictionary is also the first author. But he has always wanted to be out of business, a hit at the reunion, Jiang Yinghao met a Baidu alumni, also, he has a dream.

was chatting very speculative, Jiang Yinghao was surprised, originally in school, two people live in the same