Hacker viral marketing

view: some people lament, 2006 is the Web2.0 carnival, the carnival, silently "Gray dove", to the front. In the big publicity "panda virus" virus marketing "under the guidance of Web2.0 characteristics of viral marketing, so that hackers quietly to the front. In 2007, staged a field of commercial speculation style entertainment, or Chinese hackers?!

      in recent years, the virus market has never been as lively as the beginning of this year, although there is a virus in the past, but most of them are foreign goods, and there is no outbreak of concentration, it is worth the manufacturers do not stir fry. From the end of 2006 to the present, from domestic hacker incidents finally appeared, hackers and virus writers, and anti-virus vendors, is staged with a policeman and the thief of the game, with IT a round of bombing and entertainment of the public eye.

      event will be the three young people to the front, one is the name "Caiba" Hubei small Yan, the most famous cow pen is invasion of the QQ server, and made a special account of QQ founder Ma Huateng; one is known as the "Wuhan boys", Li Jun, the panda "the virus author; there is a" Gray dove studio director Ge Jun, whose works are considered to be more than Gray dove Jinshan panda damage ten times stronger virus. Three young men to 06-07 China’s hacking virus incident to an unprecedented climax, and is subject to moral or legal trial. "Caiba" and "Wuhan boy" has two virtual characters to the front, especially Li Jun, may be severely punished by law. Under the pressure of the giant dove studio, had to declare the dissolution.

      with the "Panda" celebrity, "Caiba" will push the first out of the entertainment circle, as a rookie hacker small Yan, the hacker with a female artist’s private life will also be linked to the previously unknown gossip made public, the network began a star fried exercise, in the silence of the hacker background suddenly become more black, the online "Caiba" name, originally silent female singers become more red, a fried at last raise a Babel of criticism of the effect is good. The "Caiba" into the history of the event China forever hacker is: illegal access to QQ server. Entertainment scandal speculation to do the event, and eventually evolved into a hacker entertainment and entertainment unrelated. By the introduction of mass entertainment, and to end the hacker entertainment, China more than a super hacker.

      the hacker Chaozuo and entertainment to the masses and not "Caiba", but "panda virus. Before new year, with the real thing "viral marketing, known as the author of the Wuhan boy holding the three high fragrance of giant pandas, in this way into Chinese’s blessing. To take a wonderful part of the anti-virus vendors to poison promotion, and this time it happens to do the United States, the earthquake off the net >