Promote website access through forum update

do stand for half a year, is not familiar with the optimization, it is difficult to enhance the site’s access and ranking, as the webmaster of me, is how anxious. Like other webmaster, I also got up early in the dark for the website silently, but I pay and did not get the desired effect, what is it?

I have been asked to do stand friends, they say, you silly, do not pay attention to the optimization of station, natural difficult to ascend! After listening to me, how to optimize it? I set the content of the forum registered members can see all the contents that attract members registered for registered members, I download data need to deduct the corresponding points to download data. Through this method can improve the number of forum posting, at the same time registered members get credit for promotion incentives, also launched a number of more than 3000 for posting, advertising gifts and so on preferential policies to attract the registered members. At present, after a month of adjustment, member registration from the original 500, quickly rose to the top 1600. But members also have, how to promote membership?

driven member participation, not only I a management to drive, or members of the only member driven, as a new forum, I did not expect the number of daily online can break 1000, only every day, that is progress.

on the forum, I am every day, are updated, Baidu, GOOGLE and other search engines are updated every day my forum, so that I see the hope of the forum to update. At the same time, the content of the website also strive to update every day. As a site administrator, I have the confidence to manage the site. Most of the site’s access to the forum through search engines. Through the forum’s visit, the majority of visitors will visit the home page, so that through the forum to promote the mode of the site to get full play.

forum to promote the site access model, not all sites are applicable. In the practical application of the combination of practical use.

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