How to promote Taobao through QQ three

this is the third Taobao QQ passenger series, before and introduce how to realize the fast passive add friends (a) how relevant skills and QQ space to create a successful Taobao customers from the media (two), today the major share is related to the skill of the QQ group.

How to send

QQ group banned advertising

maybe you are in a QQ group, with precise fans large, but because the main group for global gag QQ implementation in addition, group and group management, other people are not able to release any information, so you how to


to share with you three ways:

1, the use of QQ group video release information


You can test the

, QQ group video chat in the text and the text in the QQ group is the same, are the same, but the main group QQ group banned global group to speak, but not banned the QQ group video speech.


, you can achieve advertising in the global gag group.

2, upload group sharing (group file)


Members of the

group did not have the right to speak, but there is the right to upload groups of files, you can be included in the group of advertising sharing.

this is the second way.

3, release information to the new version of the group forum


as shown above, we must pay attention to, when publishing group forum information, to remember the synchronization to the front QQ group options gogo marked, so that you are part of a group, can receive the information, and can achieve the effect of mass.

but need to pay attention to your day to the QQ group is limited, this is to avoid as far as possible does not affect the members of the group, so, cherish the opportunity to sync.

if the T group is

if you are invited to join a QQ group, and then T, is not quite depressed?

never mind, a way to teach you, again without him and group management audit can be two times by

, the method is as follows:

1, open the QQ control layout

2, open the message manager, that is a small speaker, as shown in figure


3, then, click on the system message

4, find group message

5, find someone to invite you to join the QQ group’s invitation link, and then double-click

6, click OK