How to promote the website blog as a commodity to the user group

now, many enterprises through the network to promote their products, there are many common ways of website blog, as well as the search engine ranking is a good way, but Su Yang wants to say is how we should put their own blog as a commodity, promotion to the majority of the users to the site to increase access to the user.

organizations to carry out some form of unique activities

At this point

, has been admired and Firm ouango two bloggers, the reason is very simple, they led a blog development by private bloggers identity, is written by paid review ways to motivate visitors click and review related articles, you don’t need to put too much, 100 dollars a month to fix investment, and this month one hundred dollars of investment income will be in the near post paid, and the effect of the return is clearly more than 100 dollars.

of course which may lead to some spam comments and unnecessary comments, this time you can in the planning activities initiated in the detailed provisions of participation principle, which can ensure the normal activities orderly, will not bring much pressure to the database, the specific effects can refer to this two blog, if you are interested in, so don’t put out a period of such activities to try, do not say if non cash, can also be a gift or something. At present, there are a lot of bloggers to participate in such activities, if you don’t want to lag behind others, then try.

write some useful articles for visitors

in the end what is useful for visitors to the article for such a problem, although very broad, but may not necessarily do not have no entry point. You can put yourself as a visitor, you want to visit the blog to see what kind of information? If not, you can come to help you analyze your website, blog search engine source through the flow statistics tool, and then analyze the source, see the user are concerned about what. So these words is the source of your writing clues, you can according to the key words to write, but this does not mean that the whole "door incident" gimmicks articles.


reference PJ some Hot Blog development model, many veteran PJ to the ASP of the special master, so often do DIY all kinds of small plug-in, that as long as the latest plug-in will not be issued, attracted a large number of plug-in enthusiasts. Su Yang is not only natural, not write the way, also had the second best to write some emotional articles, since the fixed direction, that is to insist, but also avoid the type is too simple, because even the visitors carefully read your article, but too many similar words, too is ideologically similar, which makes visitors unable to comment, always the same comments, I think visitors is not willing to do.

and Su Yang is not to say that every person to write technical articles, this is not realistic, in fact, we can put