From the event ekinkon divorce events marketing hype

Guo Jingjing and Kenneth Fok divorce case finally fell to dust, we once again demonstrated the power of the network marketing, a few days ago, a "duguyi" sina on a blog published "a letter to Kenneth Fok and his wife Guo Jingjing public apology", said he was "behind the crystal just divorce planning, its purpose is to" in the shortest time, spend a minimum price, with the most extraordinary means of the artist fried red ", the" duguyi "purpose has been fully achieved, smooth closing, and took the opportunity to own a marketing.

Step one:

Chaozuo occasion

Guo Jingjing Kenneth Fok fell in love after 8 years of marriage, whether the prince princess fairy tale love itself, or at the Hongkong Convention and Exhibition Center century luxury wedding. All of these two people down to the peak of popularity, when all eyes are still on their two wedding, is definitely the best time.

fry step two: the protagonist came to power

"crystal just divorce coarse, can be divided into 3 major events:" the battle of the door "," Flying Daggers "," divorce door". But all of the so-called hearsay is from the so-called "Guo Jingjing women’s diving team," Guo Jingjing W "bestie" is not a specific person "accidentally" news release. And indeed, pointed out that the "war gate" heroine – directly to the object of speculation, "Battle Gate" heroine.

fry step three: media intervention

Hong Kong entertainment media paparazzi, such hearsay lace is this way, immediately made relevant pictures and news release. Some of the domestic media, so to the so-called "broke" is also very concerned about the "micro-blog", "entertainment news", "news reports" are not far behind, even because of particularity of "Guo Jingjing", the relevant sports channel is not busy. So the speculation, the success of the paparazzi by force, spread out, almost All the world knows.

fry do step four: follow up fry do

"battle of the door just past soon, immediately following the introduction of the program successfully Chaozuo, with speculation way early, made" Flying Daggers "," marriage ", and even the media since do the so-called" sports administration leadership "speech, the official news more flowers, a higher degree of confidence.

implementation of the above steps after successful man fired: 90 young model overnight fame. The speculation has also been successful closing of the incident. As for the last so-called speculation behind the appearance, in my opinion, it is behind, himself made a stir.

carefully analyze this fried process behind the incident, seized the following key successful marketing success:

first, the opportunity to grasp: when the majority of people to look at an event, object, seize the opportunity.

two, media grasp: to fully understand the media’s way of communication, news release >