Analysis of super TVC advertising marketing and brand strategy how to make potential users form a de

The super

integrated marketing has many highlights, through case analysis, I hope to show you a brand, how to transfer the memory, according to opinion leaders and experience marketing play for potential users to form the desire to buy



women become many FMCG important target users, the purchasing power and consumption demand, as well as natural topic sense, this group is unique advantages, many products have played on the women’s label, such as washing, cooking and family related, will extend a variety of scenes in the marketing battle emerge in an endless stream, brand how to let the female talent shows itself in stark, memory, it is not easy.

recently launched a new super xiyiye advertising TVC, its flagship "you should not only, should I" slogan, very appealing, which led by Sun Li, the four different roles of female singers, botanists, entrepreneurs, put this sentence into their own interpretation of the pursuit of life, is very inspirational, too very passionate, one of the "super" is endowed with different meaning, "natural fan" the natural process of a phrase with a double meaning of products, but also in the expression of women’s natural charm.


goddess gentle voice reveals a domineering self-confidence, advertisement "they said, you should enjoy now, you should be cautious before, you should give the future fate. Not only should you, I should, I should insist on myself, I should live natural, super woman, natural

fan! "

super liquid detergent has not only functional requirements from the female point of pain, it is more like a kind of spirit, as the slogan "super woman with super


specific analysis is as follows:

1, tipping point: "no you should, only I should"

through TVC new commercials, Sun Li and 3 (amateur botanist, bar singer, entrepreneur) interpretation of the different women about "you should not only, should I read".




sense is very strong, in addition to the Sun Lichao idol star endorsement, the other three are each tag symbols, each identity and experience is better to ordinary consumers and enter into the plot, the sentence structure of advertisement let emotions constantly progressive, more easily resonate.

by TVC the real interpretation of the opinion leaders in commercials, you should not only #, I should # topic in the launch of micro-blog, 92 million 760 thousand reading, 48 thousand, more than 50 opinion leaders to participate in, such as Su Cen, Li Tiegen, uncle Onono Imoko, fellow school Tucao, netizens in the V article under God comments have become highlights.