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Only a short while ago

web content cloud four, alliance, movies, novels, BT, games, music, software and so on as content website such as the pure bamboo shoots emerge, brought the gospel to the majority of small owners, owners need to do is to put their two level domain name refers to the Alliance server IP, so you have a rich and professional website. If the other server content alliance is fast, stable, so for you it is the perfect choice, can give them a lot of back high rate users, and all resources are all free


but you have not thought about these movies, novels and so on music replaced by Taobao in the commodity? – this is the e-commerce alliance, compared to ordinary Content Alliance, its advantages are obviously:

1 is currently in a stage of rapid development of electronic commerce in Chinese, Ali successfully listed more confidence and boost to the electronic commerce China, called the trend;

The addition of

2 e-commerce alliance is carried out in buying and selling opened a chain stores (of course common content alliance can also bring cash to the owners, such as music Membership Registration Commission customized ringing tone, to bring owners Commission… But a small number), logistics will be responsible by the brand, but the reality is better than. They even do not need to rent (space), the only thing to do is to register a domain name and call.

Although the

e-commerce alliance looks more to bring small meters than the other alliance, but it is ultimately not escape the defects of alliance alliance, born, in some respects, perhaps more than ordinary Content Alliance more limitations:

1 Content Alliance itself the most obvious flaw is that the site is often considered by the search engine is cheating and K;

2 e-commerce alliance members need to alliance terminus to register, the end result is the accumulation of hard work all small station users are the main League away, is not conducive to the long-term development of small owners, even unable to replace the union, belongs to marry type, a lifetime not remarried, or the equivalent of being born again. The content of the General Alliance users often do not need to register, the replacement of the alliance is very simple;

3 e-commerce alliance main needs must be equipped with perfect logistics system and payment system of electronic commerce and so on, while the ordinary Content Alliance is relatively simple, basically be a website with not much difference, the content source is very simple.

so, if is the electronic commerce website has a complete logistics system to implement e-commerce alliance may achieve the effect of icing on the cake, such as dangdang.com, in fact it is already doing, but do not completely open and. Otherwise, the establishment of new e-commerce alliance, alliance achievement on electronic commerce, may be difficult.

attached to the common union

(1) Adsense Content Alliance

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