Sheng Li Eagle the plight of the network construction company and the way out

recently due to the needs of the work, I contacted a lot of website construction company in Wuhan, but from the conversation with the process can clearly find that they are now in trouble. I combine my personal experience to analyze their plight where, why this dilemma?

according to statistics, more than 85% of China’s small and medium enterprises website is dead, what is dead station is a year or a few years without any updates, and even companies do not remember their own domain name. The cause of this dead station there are many: 1 of e-commerce in China is the lack of talent, many companies simply do not have this kind of talent 2 some companies started well, but after a period of time that there is no direct effect, gave up some 3 boss completely didn’t realize the significance and importance of information.

so what is the problem with the site construction company? Where is the way out?

a lot of website construction company’s thinking is too narrow, I was the site construction company, just to build a website, as for his purpose where I completely unnecessary to ignore. In fact, this is very wrong. When you finished building a website, you market a little, then how to keep a healthy to do this market? I think now is to cultivating customers, such as now a company do a website, we know that a series of services he need to achieve the real purpose of network marketing. So we as a web site construction company, we need to analyze what specific services he wants to. For example, a medical enterprise, he needs additional services: 1. Need to promote a website which has two ways to optimize and Baidu bidding, which needs to be specific to the enterprise to choose. Two. Enterprise free calls such as 400–, 800–. Three. Enterprise target market regional marketing advertising. Four. Enterprise customer market precision marketing advertising five. Enterprise network brand marketing advertising…… And so on, there are a lot of them, we need to have a good analysis.

is only a superficial understanding of the individual, and we look forward to exchange and discussion, and jointly promote the development and growth of network entrepreneurs. The above for reference, if you are interested can also communicate with me qq:908216827 I study network phenomenon, website operation, and network project planning. Added, I accept your proposal, declined obloquy.