Micro blog marketing value in the webmaster to rational use

along with WeChat’s fiery, now full street is the slogan of WeChat marketing, so many of their friends around the marketing are turned to WeChat this platform. Not only that, coupled with the official WeChat platform always give you a "fuzzy signal", we always believe that, even if the Tencent does not recognize, but the day after WeChat is a big marketing world. In fact, the reason why we trust so WeChat power, nothing more than two points, first, large user groups, is the audience can have a deep layer of exposure, WeChat users let anyone see will have moved, secondly, WeChat itself has also been improved at the same time, enhance the open rate improve product experience, which is communicated with the the essence of marketing, so WeChat is regarded as a new generation of marketing for the king of nature.

only WeChat marketing value bubble now seems it is a bit too, some friends and even to make a small advertisement in some public account to spend millions of dollars in advertising fees, it is worth? WeChat public account of the truth reading crowd is not really settle down, we go to get the number of information with WeChat is not dominant, unlike some of the information to the client, WeChat content is embedded into products, plus a cover is equal to a jump, so WeChat marketing is the key of some people who are actually. On the contrary, I think micro-blog marketing in today still has value, still can take charge as chief of, why, I think there are four points to support.

micro-blog actually closer to the user, the starting point is low. Although WeChat is hot, but it is a particular circle of friends, even adding a lot of friends, but still unable to break the circle itself limits the whole platform in communication which is not transparent, on the contrary, micro-blog is a product for everyone, everyone is an exposure to your friends we can search, add to complete the establishment of relations, as long as you like, you can add whatever you are willing to make friends. This way of purchasing information allows users to freely filter information, so as to complete the matching. It is also the degree of freedom of the birth of micro-blog’s opinion leaders, so that users can achieve a more extensive communication and exchange between large. Secondly, micro-blog or other platforms, or more formal, can represent a formal occasion. For example, many of the official micro-blog represents the speech and image, certain celebrities are sent out by micro-blog words and so on, the image of the product for long-term solid down marketing itself is a kind of influence.

content is much better than WeChat. WeChat users are not false, but the number of users to read the crowd of WeChat, we do not know. Some time ago, WeChat added a public platform to read a number of functions, but the repercussions of loneliness, many fans of the one hundred thousand large amount of reading their articles is just a few hundred, which directly shows WeChat large public transfer weakness, direct exposure compared to the circle of friends, how to realize the public account information guide is really important. In addition, for WeChat’s own content base, I think we are