What are the major factors affecting WeChat marketing

from a long time ago WeChat marketing began to penetrate the half of the sky, the user base, fast growth, new mobile media. These titles like a needle into the powerful agent network marketing mentality, "network marketing into the WeChat era", "marketing of WeChat" and "WeChat future marketing king" emerge in an endless stream topic, a layer of WeChat reveals the charm and influence.


really want to do WeChat marketing? In fact, WeChat marketing has many difficulties, do not be very successful, but most people are not successful, we are interested can search public account on WeChat report on this side, cancel the subscription subscription will be much more than vice versa, what were the major elements that affect WeChat


, who actually no matter what marketing to subscribers, that is, it is the precise crowd, WeChat is not you with a two-dimensional code so that there will be more people and others, if you do not have a user base, the number of poor. So what is the use of your WeChat marketing


two, we are clear, objective, is to use WeChat Marketing Tips: Tao Pengfei, under the tutelage of a founder Jiang Likun. Who will spend a lot of time to see what you don’t have much significance of marketing and advertising, WeChat should know the most basic purpose is to chat, news and information browsing are derived from things, no meaning no one to see, most is to forget to delete.

three, making the human, want to own WeChat public accounts can be convenient for users to provide useful information for the users, so it is necessary to spend a lot of time and go to update the maintenance manager, do not look at a small mobile phone app, it doesn’t need to maintain a simple portal website. If the human cost is not directly proportional to the effect of the maintenance of the significance of what.

four, the user stickiness, in the era of full touch screen mobile phone, who don’t like you fingertips "kicked you", the mobile Internet convenient marketing, also difficult to serve customers. Protection of user stickiness is a permanent topic in the mobile Internet era is difficult. So, in this Tao Pengfei remind you not blindly into the WeChat wave of marketing, which live under the people are very nice, but the dead people are more miserable.

if you are a special function of WeChat fancy public platform for the convenience of customers, if the number of your base, if you have a large number of human resources to do so, can try to do WeChat marketing, because the number of WeChat marketing is really huge, enough to make people ashamed, if you do not have the above to consider. Is it really worth doing WeChat marketing.

author information: Tao Pengfei