2008 of the new leading nternet Games

there are 186 days of the opening of the Olympic Games, there is a kind of difficult to Chennai excitement in the hearts of every Chinese surging.

Olympic Games approaching, people are actively in their respective positions, and the most excited in addition to the public, I am afraid that many businesses. With understanding, 2008 Olympic sponsors plan consists of three tier architecture level for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games partner, the two level for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games sponsor, the three level for the 2008 Olympic Games supplier, including exclusive supply and suppliers. So far, the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games sponsorship program is basically completed, and then start the supplier program.

domestic news portals have also opened the Olympic Channel, positive reports and Olympic related news portals are all ready, and the Olympic Games official website (http://s.www.beijing2008.cn/) for the upcoming Olympic Games live coverage of the market. But once a Huoji "Sohu network exclusive sponsor of the Olympic Games" message and did not affect other people’s attention to the Olympic Games portal.

in the Olympic Games coverage has been very lively, and many people in the Internet has also produced a lot of unrest. To highlight the number of independent groups or individuals who are aware of the arrival of the Olympic Games is accompanied by countless benefits can be found.

black hat SEOer actively preparing for the Olympic related keywords, many Webmaster played a gray means to play a network of deception, there are those who conscience, small cheat – Cheat traffic, cheat advertising. Non German goods, malicious cheat – hoax, to show their ability and cleverness, interest is the best in all the land, money, some proud Olympic boasted fraud makers were crazy deception, through various means that they have earned their desired economic interests, because they kidnapped 2008 people belonging to the US Olympic games……… . A waiting of the Olympic Games can be converted China, we do not know, but we will still be hard to create. Please do not put the people looking forward to the national victim to many businesses for profit.

08 years, the Internet will also be associated with the Olympic Games, but need to have a good Olympic spirit to support. Business opportunities, and why deceive. A large number of foreign people will focus on China, Beijing, and more people will be concerned about China through the Internet, concerned about the industry. How to make use of the Olympic Games to do online business opportunities? This is what we need to discuss the topic. Here, hope to attract more business friends to participate, together with the wisdom of the collision. Lead to more ideas spark:

Chinese training, Chinese is one of the more difficult to learn a foreign language. Speaking to foreign friends came to China to participate in the Olympic Games, or more or need some Chinese level, in order to meet the needs of these audiences, we can plan a relatively practical site of Chinese knowledge. Teach the most concise Chinese statements, give us a little help from foreign friends. Fit >